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Step 1: The Plugin Page


From the WordPress dashboard go to WooCommerce > Customer Import Export. Click on Import which will take you to the import section.

Go to plugins page

Step 2: The Import Section


The Import section facilitates you to import WordPress users and the customer data in to your Woocommerce store in to a CSV file.

Step 3: Importing Methods

You can import customer data in any of the following methods using WordPress Users and WooCommerce Customer Import Export Plugin for Woocommerce

Selecting a CSV file from your computer

Selecting a CSV file from a remote server using FTP

Note:To get started you must have a CSV file. If you don't have one, you can download Product WooCommerce Sample CSV (column headers are same as WooCommerce field) and Product Commercial Sample CSV (column headers are user defined).


Step 3.1 : Selecting a CSV file from your Computer


Directly upload a CSV file from your computer by clicking on Choose File

Step 3.2 : Providing FTP Details


Provide your FTP credentials and the path of the CSV file in the server.

Step 4: Mapping the CSV Columns


The columns of your CSV might not correspond with the WooCommerce customer data fields. You will have to manually provide a mapping and then save the mapping settings for later imports.


Step 5: Upload file and Import


After uploading the CSV file, click the Import button at the bottom of the page. A window will appear showing the status and the progress of the import.



Step 1: The Plugin Page


Go to WooCommerce >Customer Import Export on the admin side to export customer data in to a CSV file.

Go to plugins page

Step 2: Configure Settings to Export Customer Data


You can select the user roles of the WordPress users that you want to export. Configure other settings and select the columns you want to export.

Step 3: The Exported CSV

After the completion of the export, the WordPress user and Woocommerce customer data will be exported into a CSV file.


Step 1: Enable FTP


Enable FTP and provide the FTP credentials of the server.

Go to FTP settings page

Step 2: The Settings


Enable the options for automatically importing and exporting WordPress user and customer data and enter the time interval at which the data is to be imported or exported and then save settings.